Dave's knowledge and expertise can make your building project seem simple!

Do you have a dream home or exciting renovation in mind? 

Contact us by phone or email and Dave will set up a meeting at a convenient location where you can discuss your drawings and ideas, address your questions or concerns and then we can begin to start developing your dream home, cottage or renovation!!

Dave will then spend time showing prospective clients building projects that he has built in the area in order to give them a first hand look at what he can do and also to show the workmanship, quality and beauty of some of his creations!

Once you've come to a final decision about how you want the product to look, Dave sits down with you and your drawings and goes over details such as; building placement on your property, appliance placement, no wasted space, color choices, finishing details, etc, etc..  This process helps you make decisions that you will be happy with!


Maybe you've already purchased or are going to purchase a packaged home from Viceroy, Beaver Lumber Homes, etc.???  Then we're still the right company for your project because we have many, many years experience building these packaged homes.  You buy the material package from the dealer of your choice and we'll be happy to build it for you!!

We are also very willing to do partial projects ie. foundations, framing and closing up the home, etc.  Perhaps you want to complete it on your own??  Or you can have us come back and complete the project at a more suitable time for you!  Whatever suits your needs, we will try to accommodate you!

Once you've made your final decisions then we will prepare a detailed contract for your approval, we will discuss a tentative start date and make sure all permits are in order, then the building project is ready to begin!!

What To Expect

Dave Card Contracting Ltd.

Dave Card Contracting Ltd.,
Dave and Sandy Card
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