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Vinyl Siding

Blown-In Insulation

With ever increasing heating costs it's important to make your home as efficient as possible.  A great deal of your home's HVAC system loses its power directly through your roof. Without proper insulation, your energy bills can be sky high. Have Dave come out and take a look at it – we might be able to save you money on your seasonal electricity bills.

CHeck out our newest services – Your HOME COULD BE AT RISK

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Houle Insulation


Vinyl home siding comes in many different thicknesses, colors, sizes and rail types. Vinyl home siding is made up from 80% composition materials resembling PVC resin and the other 20% determines the color and thickness of the panels.

Because of the current composition of the material, your options can be endless. You are able to choose color, gloss, texture, cost, and overall durability depending on decisions you make when choosing the panels.